Dogs, Walks with the dogs


01.24.08 | Comment?

I have learned from more than one source that dogs’ paws can smell like Fritos.  I would assess this for myself, but I have more than once seen my dogs step blithely into large and avoidable dog poop piles.

Yesterday evening we passed the crest of Belmont as it dips over the shoulder of Mt. Tabor, and there on the corner stood a boy, about twelve or so, shouting “Here boy, c’mere!”  As we drew closer he said to me, “Have you seen a black Lab.”  Now, I am not the type to mock a child calling for his lost dog, but I was tempted to indicate the two black Labs tethered to me by nylon leashes.  One black Lab who was attempting to jump on the boy and be his new best friend.  I indicated I had not seen his dog but would return if I did.  Just after that I heard an adult shouting what I believe was the news that the dog was found and the boy should return home.  I hope so.

Of the 5,326 songs I have loaded on my ipod, the first ten that showed up when I just hit shuffle are:

“Jimi”, Butthole Surfers, Locust Abortion Technicians

“From a Buick 6”, Bob Dylan, Highway 61 Revisited

“Against”, Sepultura, Against

“Scrawled in Sap”, 16 Horsepower, Sackcloth ‘n Ashes

“Young, Fast Iranians,” The F.U.’s, Do We Really Want to Hurt You

“Looking for the One”, The Wildhearts, Riff After Riff

“When She Begins”, Social Distortion, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

“Cyborg Assault”, Bill Laswell, Sacred System

“Introduction (Part 2)”, The Delta 72, The Sould of a New Machine

“The Saint”, Orbital, In Sides

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