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02.17.07 | Comment?

I am posting from Newark airport, which has added the middle name of “Liberty” since I last was here, shortly after 9-11. I arrived here on Monday and instantly laid down to sleep until Tuesday, as you do in New Jersey. When I woke up my mother’s house was snowed in:

the back forty

So I took some pictures of the snow on the fields in back of the property.  Also the trees:


Trust the Hum-Dinger brand:


After a few days of being snow-bound, we finally we able to get on the road.  We chose to visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art:


We looked at art:


I inserted myself (artistically) in this portion of an installation by Georges Adéagbo:


I also bought a book of paintings of Mary Cassatt, because a couple of her paintings in this museum capitivated me.  I also took a picture of downtown Philly, which was as close as I got:


Yesterday we went to Bethlehm, Pennsylvania.  That town was formerly dominated physically and economically by the steel mills; these pictures don’t do justice to their presence:


cold steel

In a local bookstore I bought a copy of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, in order to express the solidarity
with the working man that this town inspires.

On our way home we avoided Butztown, as you do:


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